God’s Amazing Grace That Reached Charlene Part 1

The name Charlene was as impressive as her command of the English language. She was known as one who spoke Queen’s English which distinguished her from the others who regularly received a meal free of charge. This food sharing ministry was set up to minister to street people of KL city which was also known as Sahabat Pudu.

She was also remembered for her outgoing manner and cheerful spirit as she eagerly helped to wash dishes after meals were served. Like any of the street people, she didn’t reveal where she went or stayed for the night whenever she left the food sharing place.

Two volunteers working with Sahabat Pudu, namely Lisa and Loo, found out later where Charlene sheltered during the night. It was a really filthy and deplorable room which she called ‘home’. Lisa recalled vividly the ticks that were found crawling on the walls and all over the floor. “It was really a bathroom that was converted into a room where she could sleep for a few hours,” said Lisa. Further attempts to offer her better living conditions were firmly refused by Charlene who insisted on her freedom to stay in the ‘home’ she perceived. Little did Charlene know that the amazing grace of God would continue to reach her in a way she didn’t expect.

Eventually, Charlene was touched by the love of God through the kindness of people she met at Sahabat Pudu. She soon accepted and received the gift of eternal life and hope in Christ. Lisa, Loo and other volunteers at Sahabat Pudu were present to witness her public confession of faith.