God’s Amazing Grace That Reached Charlene Part 2

February of 2016 was when Robert, a full-time staff at Sahabat Pudu alerted us that Charlene was not coming as usual nor returning to her ‘home’. He promptly lodged a police report stating Charlene was a missing person.

At that time, Charlene’s health had deteriorated and she had become partially blind. Fearing the worst that could happen to her on the streets in her helpless condition, we could only look to God in prayer for His help. Friends began to pray for Charlene when a Facebook posting was shared on social media. Months passed before we received the startling news that she was found alive and placed in a government welfare home about two hours away from KL city. It was God’s marvellous love that kept watch over Charlene when she was missing. What an amazing grace that kept her safe from all harm and danger on the streets. She was truly one who had been lost and found.

Charlene would greet with joy the few friends who came to visit her at the government welfare home. She expressed much appreciation for Loo and Simon, friends she missed at Sahabat Pudu who could spend a little time with her. Her health continued to deteriorate to the point of her becoming totally blind. Along with rapid loss of weight, she was reduced to skin and bones. How could we help her improve her health and living condition? Once more, our gracious God stepped in and cared for Charlene. Permission to move her out of the government welfare home was quickly granted and a reputable private nursing home was found to accommodate her. ,p>It was at the nursing home that Charlene found the best care for her frail body. She was even getting some physiotherapy to help strengthen her legs after lying in bed for many months. It was also at the nursing home that Charlene brought joy to the caregivers with her grateful attitude and constant appreciation for the care given to her. She would sing whenever her caregivers requested a song which helped to brighten their day and break the monotony of staying at the nursing home. It was also the place where she received comfort and joy when friends came to visit. Just when Charlene seemed to be recovering in health and was gaining a little more appetite, she fell ill and had to be hospitalised. There in the hospital, she breathed her last. Her last words conveyed to the caregiver by her side were that of getting dressed and hopping out of the nursing home. Once more, God gave Charlene the assurance of stepping out of her earthly home into eternity. What an amazing grace that reached Charlene till her last day on earth.