The Joy of Serving in Prison Ministry

Mathew is a volunteer who has been serving in Prison Ministry for the past seven years. He recalls, “It was a Missions Sunday event back in 2010. After the worship service, I went downstairs to the Missions display room. There was a Prison Ministry booth where someone talked with me about my interest. I got so interested and attracted to this ministry that I promptly signed up. Then I got to know the leaders such as Yee Hui, Raymond and Stephen who have impacted my life.”

What was Mathew’s experience serving in Prison Ministry? He says, “It has been a joy serving together in a team of two as we travelled together and shared our experiences with each other. It has been an added blessing to my life as they unfolded the goodness of the Lord. I enjoyed the time of prayer and ministry with them all every Saturday when we met. During our meetings, some former convicts shared how the ministry has touched their lives. At the end of the year, we enjoyed the Christmas gathering of sharing, food and fellowship. Every time I shared in either one of two prisons that we visit, I felt that the Lord supernaturally moved and blessed others during my time of sharing even though it was in my weakness. At one meeting in 2016, I saw the spectacular move of God that brought everyone to their knees. I felt so encouraged when a number of them gave their lives to the Lord. It was amazing how the Lord used me as His vessel to touch their lives. So I really look forward to the visits because each visit to the prison is a new experience.”

What were some of the challenges faced in Prison Ministry? Mathew says, “I remember one day, when I felt very ill early one morning but I said, “I will go because I am committed to the Lord.” The Lord enabled me to last till the end of the day but it was a real challenge. Another time, my car tyre went flat. I thank God that since I was early, I managed to change the tyre and make it to the prison in time. Once I went prepared to share a message but had to wait in the Prison Meeting Hall because there was no prison warden to bring the prisoners. So, I didn’t get to share a message for that day. At another meeting, there was no one to interpret the message into Tamil but thankfully Sam interpreted into Chinese. I struggled to get the message across but by the grace of God, it was received well. Through these challenges, I experienced the Lord’s strength in my weaknesses.”

Mathew continues to serve in Prison Ministry travelling from his home in Rawang and looks forward to meeting new volunteers when they go in teams of two. He would also like to serve in the Half-way House ministry when he has more time. If you would like to know more about the Prison Ministry or the Half-way House Ministry please contact us and we will inform the leaders such as Yee Hui, Raymond or Stephen to get in touch with you.