The Life of a Chin Refugee in Malaysia

Christina (not her real name) is a 17 year old refugee who came with her parents and siblings to Malaysia to flee the persecution of her people back in her homeland. She was only 10 years old then and has lived the last 7 years of her life as a refugee. Yet, she has hope in Christ and is thankful in every circumstance.

The Chin community faces many difficulties as refugees and asylum seekers. Yet, they have been resilient in their temporary stay here in Malaysia, learning Malay and English through watching television and setting up refugee-run schools of their own. There are several sizeable schools set up to teach their children the Chin language along with English, Science and Maths in English. Christina is now a teacher in one of many refugee-run schools where she teaches Maths to children in the 6th grade. She admitted teaching can be challenging with noisy children but she presses on with determination believing that God has a purpose for her.

On Sundays, the Chin children gather for Sunday School where Christina is one of the teachers. She teaches them stories from the Bible and imparts a desire for reading Scripture on a daily basis. She has both a Bible in her native language as well as in English and has made a commitment to read the Bible every morning. She is not a first-generation Christian because her parents and grandparents have been Christians in their homeland of Myanmar. She appreciated that her own father became a born-again believer in Christ while in Malaysia and has shown a transformation in life from a former alcoholic. A number of other children also testified that they knew God has a purpose for them in Malaysia when they saw their own parents become born-again believers in Christ. We praise God in bringing the Chin people back to Him amidst the many hardships that they face.

If you are interested to know how you can contribute towards the ministry to Chin refugees from Myanmar, please do contact us.